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ACCESSORIES (view all)

Accessories/Wrist Corsage Strap - Silver

Length: 0cm
Bunching: 20 PACK

ALSTRO (view all)


Length: 70cm
Bunching: 7-10 Stems

TROPICAL (view all)

Orchid-Phalaenopsis- Tinted-Apricot

Length: 50cm
Bunching: Single Stem

ASTER (view all)

Asterlutea-Golden Rod-Yellow

Length: 60 cm
Bunching: Bunch

CARNATIONS (view all)

Carnation-Sprays Local-Yellow/Orange

Length: 50cm
Bunching: 10 Stems

MORE (view all)


Length: 50cm
Bunching: Bunch

CHRYSIES (view all)


Length: 60cm
Bunching: Bunch

DELPHINIUM (view all)


Length: 50 cm
Bunching: Bunch

DRIED (view all)

Dried-Wired Palm Sunflower-Natural

Length: 10cm
Bunching: Single Stem

GERBERAS (view all)

Gerbera-Gerrondo Pompom-Mixed

Length: 50 cm
Bunching: 10 Stems

GREENERY (view all)

Greenery Std-Viburnum Xl-Green

Length: 60cm
Bunching: 10-15 Stems

GYPSOPHILA (view all)

Gypsophila-Xl Overtime Import-White

Length: 70cm
Bunching: Bunch

NATIVES (view all)

Protea-Scarlet Ribbons-Red~

Length: 40cm
Bunching: Single Stem

LILIES (view all)

Lilium Oriental-Unlisted-Pink

Length: 70 cm
Bunching: 5 Stems

LISSIANTHUS (view all)


Length: 60cm
Bunching: Bunch

MOSS (view all)

Moss-Spagnum Moss-Natural

Length: 50cm
Bunching: Bunch

PLANTS (view all)

Spathiphyllum - Green

Length: 60cm
Bunching: POT, 175MM

ROSE (view all)

Spray Rose-Lovely Lydia-Hot Pink~

Length: 20cm
Bunching: Single Stem


Seasonal Flower-Strawflowers-White

Length: 40cm
Bunching: Bunch

STATICE (view all)


Length: 40cm
Bunching: Bunch

STOCK (view all)

Stock-Double Field-White

Length: 40cm
Bunching: 6 Stems

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