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Flowerhub Pty Ltd ships Flowers, Plants & Floral Accessories to:
- Queensland (QLD)
- New South Wales (NSW)
- Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
- Victoria (VIC)
- South Australia (SA)
- Northern Territory (NT)

We currently do not ship to Western Australia (WA) or Tasmania(TAS) due to quarantine restrictions.

Transport charges are calculated based on the number and size of boxes used. These charges are clearly outlined in the shopping cart and will be added to the total before check out.

We dispatch your purchases as you have requested during the check out process.
Shipping times are normally same day/overnight and in some rare cases they may take up to 2 business days to reach you depending on your location.

How it Works

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DELIVERED We pack and deliver it


Find Flowers Fast

You should use the Hub Search to instantly find Flowers, Plants & Accessories you’re looking for.

Easy to Browse

Using Tabs find everything from New Arrivals in the Featured area to Old favourites by Family name

L.I.V.E Stock

You browse & buy from actual available stock not a generic list meaning better fulfillment

No Box Fee

Unlike others, we don’t charge a Box Fee on any purchase that is Delivered via our Network

Instant Delivery

Need it Now & happy to pay? Uber.
Need it tomorrow?
Use our Cheaper Scheduled Delivery

Open 7 Days

The only Flower market in Australia to be Open 7 Days. Online shop is open all the time too.

Delivery Areas

We deliver to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, NT. (Sorry WA & TAS not to you)

Shop from Screen

The flower market brought conveniently to your screen.

Customer Dashboard

Access all past invoices, Product Arrivals Board etc from your very own Dashboard online.

Australian & Imported

With us you can choose only Australian Grown or you can also search from Imported Products.

Airport Connect

Instant Deliveries 6 days (Ex Saturday) & scheduled deliveries 4 Days (Sun/Tue/Wed/Thu)

Price Guarantee

The price you see on the screen is the price you will pay on your invoice.

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