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Updates and releases

  • 13/07/2021
    We fix a issue when credit card is expired on the checkout payment.
  • 6/07/2021
    We are happy! Now we implement a direct communication between our packing system and the payment action on the web shop. If we are packing currently your order, you will get a popup to advise you we are working in packing. Then you can choose if you want to wait a bit, merge the order or create a new one.
  • 27/05/2021
    We found a bug when customer address is too long and need to use the 2 boxes to set the address. This causes a error when register the order. Also we fix a issue with PayPal and credit card payments, but now all are already fixed. Our apologies for the inconvenience that may have been caused.
  • 16/04/2021
    Good new for all consumers. We have a PayPal option in the payments. Be free use this new payment method
  • 12/04/2021
    We fix today a small bug when update the address into the order after placed from the dashboard. Before the data is not updated correctly into the order.
  • 17/03/2021
    We fixed a small mistake on the popup to change the password from your dashboard. Now you can change your password correctly.
  • 15/03/2021
    Hi all, we fixed today mistake in a query to send every 15th in the month the delivery reminders and we send more than one time same email. Sorry for the spam email todays, we inform now it's already fixed. Thanks to Kats floral decor to informe us about the issue and our apologies to all.
  • 12/08/2020
    We fix the issue to send sms to collect the order when select click and collect if is not collecting today.
  • 5/08/2020
    We have a new optionis on the checkout, now you can setup more addresses and select whare you want to receive the boxes. Also we moved the voucheer to the payment step to be more clear and easy to add teh voucher codes to get your rewards or discounts.
  • 1/05/2020
    We have improved the performance of the checkout page, the queries related to the buttons of the queries have been improved in a minimum of 13 seconds. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the long waits in the checkout process.
  • 21/04/2020
    Today we fix the issue on the claims request. Sorry for the incovenience.
  • 6/03/2020
    WOW!!!! We have a new filter on the shop to get only the products you are choosing. The fiature give you a graphic view to know the aged of the products. And then you can choose your product to your requirement. Also now you have a Arrivals on the side menu to get only the arrivals board produts.
  • 28/02/2020
    We already have a new dashboard. Continues working for make your experience more easy. Thaks
  • 14/02/2020
    We found a small bug for a new users registration and now is fixed. Sorry for the invonvenience.
  • 10/02/2020
    We found a small bug when the user register a new delivery instructions, is not full save in our systems, that's why some times the user must be to update again. Now is fixed and no need to re enter on each order. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • 4/02/2020
    February 4th by 7:45PM we have a small issue on our DB server and we use the backup fro a few ours. All is restore and back to normal by 11:35PM same day. Sorry for the possible inconvenience caused. Webmaster
  • 10/12/2019
    We have finished the layout for Christmas, New Year and Valantines day
  • 5/12/2019
    We are fixed a small bug when calculate the boxes on the air couriers.
  • 5/12/2019
    We update the Check out page the buttons for the select a delivery, now is more clear the wordings. Sorry for the small confusions before about the wordings.
  • 5/11/2019
    We update the families side menu on the shop. Now the page is faster to load and reload!
  • 13/09/2019
    The shop is already updated. Enjoy our new awesome view.
  • 29/08/2019
    Today we update some on a database to prepare our new awesome surprice about the new ways for delivery. Soon you can see this new options on the checkout process.
  • 23/08/2019
    We have updated the online market page with an awesome sidebar for selecting products. Still continually working hard to make the website look and work beautifully.
  • 16/08/2019
    We fix some small issues on the register page. Now have a button to type manually also the address if you can't find on the suggest.
  • 12/08/2019
    We have new view on a delivery buttons selection, now show a days and when select a day get a delivery options.
    Login page we dissable the autofill.
  • 1/08/2019
    We have a new cart and checkout pages. We hope you can understand and we make more easy the check out process
  • 29/06/2019
    We expect some small issue in a first hr when release a new web page with the credit card payments. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • 12/06/2019
    We remove the button "fast checkout" form the web.
  • 6/06/2019
    We update the input box when you need to enter a qty for a credits, or in other. Now the window have better look and also it's easier click to insert a number.
  • 28/05/2019
    We fix a small bug on a register form when you don't select a good address from the suggests.
  • 21/05/2019
    We fix a small bug when you are DirectDebit customer and do double click when send a transaction. Before, the web create a invoice with 0 (zero) value. From today is already fixed and cannot be a double click.
  • 17/05/2019
    We fix a some bug with the street length when process the payment.
  • 16/05/2019
    Launch landing page $12 Flat Fee Delivery deal
  • 1/04/2019
    We fix a bug when use a button FAST CHECKOUT do not send email with a invoice. Is fixed from today. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • 31/03/2019
    We have a new button on the check out. If you have more than one credit card registered with us, you can choose to select a SPLIT PAYMENT.
  • 29/03/2019
    We already have a Online Market FAQ
  • 28/03/2019
    Fix a counter carts when have a credits. Still showing you have a cart but this is not real. Now only show when really you have a cart waiting to finish.
  • 27/03/2019
    We have new landing page for 2019.
  • 19/03/2019
    We have new Icons and new style for Online Market

Coming soon

  • What's is the next after our new awesome web page?
    A new awesome Club?
    • We have a new awesome surprise, but shhhhhh it's a secret. When we have some to show we will telling you. working on it

    A new awesome experience on the ONLINE MARKET:
    • New view for the cart done
    • New view for the checkout done
    • New view side bar for the navigate done
    • New view for the products done
    • New dashboard done

    The future is here.