2020 Valentine’s Day Flowers, Roses & Gifts

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year where you can go all out without looking like a hopeless romantic. Whilst you may still use small gestures throughout the year to show the one you love that you care, the 14th of February provides the perfect moment to sweep them off their feet.


However, if you're like me and aren't a natural romantic, it can be a stressful time of year. The amounting pressure of making sure that your loved one receives that wow factor can sometimes cloud our vision and cause us to forget about the simple, yet most meaningful gifts. Despite chocolates, jewellery and for the 18+ audience, lingerie, being some of the most common presents, nothing says I Love You more than a beautiful bunch of Flowers

Since the dawn of time, flowers have been the perfect way of saying I love you without having to mention the words. So, for this year’s Day of Love, the team at FlowerHub have devised an expert list of 2020 Valentine’s Day Flower ideas that are guaranteed to sweep your loved one off their feet. 

The Flower of Love 

What springs to mind when Valentine’s Day is mentioned? For most people, the number one thing is giving their partner a big, beautifully crafted, elegant bouquet of red roses. But where did this tradition come from?

Firstly, we must understand how the flower of choice came to be the humble rose. The rose took on its meaning of the Flower of Love through its association with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. According to Greek Mythology, it is said that roses, which are now seen as the symbol of Aphrodite's love and beauty, grew from the tears of Aphrodite, and the blood of her lover Adonis. 


Now, the mainstream tradition of gifting long-stemmed red roses dates to the late 17th century, when King Charles II of Sweden was exposed to new art - the Language of Flowers. This fad boomed throughout Europe, made its way across the world and has instilled in all us hopeless romantics an unknown, yet unshakable, longing to receive a beautiful bunch of long red roses. 

The Colours of Love 

So what are the other Languages of Flowers that sparked King Charles II interest? Whilst red roses might be hard to get your hands on as they're in such high demand around February 14th, there are other colour varieties that can get the same message across. 

  • White Rose - "I am the One for You"

Whilst many people associate a white rose as a traditional wedding or engagement flower, it was used as the early symbol for true love before the red rose was. It also represents purity, innocence, charm and reverence.

  • Orange / Coral Rose - " I Want You in My Life" 

An orange rose is said to rival that of a red as it holds the meaning of strong passion and romance. With its bright yet warm colourings, it represents enthusiasm, desire and fascination. 

  • Yellow with Red Tip Rose - "I'm Falling in Love With You" 

If you are using this year’s valentines to show someone that you are falling for them, then the Beautiful Sunset rose is the perfect one to gift, as they symbolize that you want more than a friendship - that you're falling in love.

  • Pink Rose - "Thank You for Everything You Do" 

This coloured rose is a perfect gift to give to someone to show that you appreciate them. It represents grace perfect happiness, admiration and gentleness. 

  • Lavender / Purple Rose - "Love at First Sight" 

Like that of the Yellow with Red Tip Rose, a lavender/purple rose is a perfect way to show someone that they've caught your attention. With this roses colouring representing that of wonder, splendour and enchantment, gifting this to a significant other is guaranteed to have an impact. 

Romantic Flowers 

Whilst roses are the first to come to mind, there are plenty of other romantic flower varieties that can be gifted to your loved one on Valentine’s Day. 

  • Chrysanthemums / Disbud Mums 

In the Language of Flowers, Chrysanthemums and Disbud Mums represent eternity, perfection, optimism and joy. Framed with its thin petals, the chrysanthemum and disbud mums will overwhelm your significant other with its natural beauty. Choosing the perfect colour will help you express your love whether it be that of deep love (red), perfection (white) or that you are falling for them (lavender). 

  • Lisianthus 

Whilst the Lisianthus, or colloquially termed Lissie, has many meanings, in the language of love, it can represent an everlasting bond between two people. It's delicate petals and oval-shaped leaves symbolise appreciation and gratitude, as well as respect and love. 

  • Sim Carnations 

Like the Lisianthus, Sim Carnations represent a deep, everlasting and pure love. While in general, they all symbolise fascination, love and admiration, each colour has a significant and unique meaning. See above to work out which coloured carnation is right for your significant other. 

  • Alstromeria 

The humble Alstromeria is normally forgotten when romantic flowers are mentioned. However, these beautiful flowers represent true devotion and eternal friendship. The shape of their petals that grow upside down and outwards from the stem symbolise the twists, turns and growth that we experience within our relationships. As well as this, this relative of a lily possesses a subtle scent that your love done will adore.