7 Native Australian Flowers Associated with Christmas


Christmas is the most festive season of the year. Celebrations start by decorating our homes with different ornaments such as trees, your DIY wreaths, and tinsels. Flowers are also a good choice for Yuletide decors. There are flowers that are native to Australia that can add to your holiday cheer as festive decorations:



This Australian native flower is especially prolific in New South Wales. It produces vivid red flowers during spring, although some varieties bloom in pink, yellow, and white. Its “flower” is actually made up of as many as 240 individual flowers. The flowers look best when displayed in a tight cluster at the lip of an opaque vase. This way, its woody stems are concealed and create balance.

Christmas Bell

Native to Eastern Australia, the most common type of this bloom is the yellow-tipped cylindrical shaped-red flowers. Scientifically known as Blanfordia nobilis, this tufted perennial herb blooms best in well-drained soil with full sun or part shade. The bells are especially vibrant in December.

Christmas Bush

The most recognisable type of Christmas Bush is the Ceratopetalum gummiferum, which grows around five metres tall. Commonly found in NSW, it produces sprays of white flowers in spring then deep red sepals in summer. These sepals are the ‘flowers’ it’s well known for.


There are 90 species of mistletoe found in Australia. Ecologists believe that they are crucial to biodiversity since birds love to nest in this plant. The Western Australian Christmas tree, also known as Nuytsia floribunda, is a 10-metre tall example that provides bright yellow flowers during the summer.


Mainly found in the east and south-eastern part of the country, its red flowers give a naturally classic Christmassy aesthetic and feel. It grows well in backyards and ranges from half a metre to four metres. The best flowers grow in full sun, making it a perfect flower ornament for the season.

Christmas Orchid

Scientifically known as Calenthe triplicata, this flower is commonly found in Queensland. It grows well in a sheltered, heavily-shaded position with moist soil. During Christmas time, you’ll be rewarded with spikes of white flowers.

Kangaroo Paw


Kangaroo paws come in different colours, however, the rich red and orange variant is the perfect choice for your Christmas decors. They are usually planted in a sun-drenched spot in well-drained soil. They bloom from late winter until summer, creating a very striking and very Australian floral display for the holidays.

 Flowers add happiness in this already joyous occasion, and these native blooms will surely add a special Aussie touch to your floral displays and arrangements.