8 Popular Easter Flowers That are in Season

Looking back at Easter 2020, where church doors are shut, festivals and events are cancelled and outdoor attractions are closed, celebrating a more normal Easter holiday this year, amid the risk for coronavirus, is such a relief for everyone.

Easter is a time of rebirth and is probably the most important holiday celebrated around the world by Christians. There are various ways on how Easter is celebrated among all our Aussie friends that depend on one’s religious beliefs.

For most, attending a church service during the Easter period is one of the ways to celebrate the Easter holiday. Some, celebrate with the famous Easter Bilby or go to festivals and cultural events taking place during the time.


In most parts of Australia, Easter falling in the Autumn is the perfect season to go outdoors and enjoy a long weekend going camping or spend days at the beach. But hey, there’s no better way to celebrate Easter than with your friends and families, gathering for some Easter roast dinner and some gorgeous blooms on the table.

It’s the perfect time to go and celebrate with your loved ones and as Easter is a celebration of life, makes flower an excellent representation of the season.

Make a festive dining table or get a pop of vibrant and colourful Easter flower basket to put in your living room with some of these modern and popular Easter flower ideas.

Here are a few of our Easter flower favourites that you can use on their own or mix with other arrangements.


1. Easter Daisy

As this season is full of colourful things, Easter daisy flowers give us this bright and fun feeling making it a perfect representation of the Easter season. Not to mention, Daisies hold this important symbolization of pure love and innocence. 

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2. Lily

White Easter Lily (also called Lilium) is one of the traditional flowers you'll see around during the Easter holiday. It represents love and hope. Churches and other religious places are decorated around with Easter Lily as it is also believed to have grown from the place where drops of blood fell from Jesus Christ's body.

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3. Chrysanthemums or Chrysies

If you'll create your own or ask your florist to mix and match a colourful bunch of this season's flowers, don't forget to ask for Chrysies. The huge range of colours available this season is limitless. From bright hues of yellow and orange to favourite greens and red, we have them all.

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4. Babies Breath a.k.a. Gypsophila

This popular flower is used in almost every bouquet and vase arrangement. Its white, fluffy and delicate blooms signify innocence and purity.

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5. Roses

While Roses are thought as a romantic flower, it is also a perfect addition to any Easter bouquet arrangement. Roses add a divine touch and heavenly scent. 

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6. Native Bunches

We are all looking for ideas to create some festive touches around the house for Easter, these native bunches are mixed with fabulous blooms in fun colours and will be one of the perfect choices you can grab for your Easter flower centrepiece.

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7. Greenery

Flowers are amazing Easter decor but so do some leafy greens. Turn your flower centrepieces with an arrangement of vibrant flowers and a touch of greens. There is a wide range of greenery that will match any of your arrangements.

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8. Dried Flowers

The emerging trend of dried flowers isn't going anywhere. If you like to create unique Easter blooms to fill your home, this is definitely a fabulous choice. Dried flowers last for years, and you may enjoy them even after the Easter season. There is also a wide range of variety and colours you can choose from, your options are unlimited.

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