Ever wondered how to dry your own roses?

Dried flowers have been a trend on the rise for the last 12 months. With beautiful colours, fun and funky arrangements and the benefit of them being longer lasting, it’s no wonder people are going crazy for drieds.

Dried roses are a classic take on the dried flower trend, mixing the old with the new. Roses are known as the most romantic flower of all time and a dried rose gives a beautiful, moody look to any arrangement or look amazing on their own.

So you’ve got some fresh roses, how do you dry them and what can you style them with?

Let’s start with the drying process.

Step one: Remove any petals that are in the process of coming off. It’s up to you if you want to remove the leaves or keep them and dry them too. We prefer to keep them as it adds a little extra when they’re displayed on their own.

Step two: Grab some string and attach to the end of your rose stem. Make sure it’s secure so the rose doesn’t slide out.

Step three: Tie them onto somewhere and have them hanging upside down. We’ve seen people use coat hangers, blue tac, curtain rods, clotheslines and more. As long as you’ve got a space that’s generally dark and dry you shouldn’t have any problems.

Step four: Leave your roses drying for two to three weeks and you'll have a stunning set of dried roses!


Once you’ve got your dried roses, how do you arrange them? 

You can choose to display them alone or with other dried faves like gum or gyp! Treat these drieds well and they can last up to 12 months.

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