Father's Day gift ideas for Dad

Every year Father’s Day comes around and it’s always tricky to figure out what Dad really wants. While socks seem to be a great idea at the time, why not branch out and buy something unique? We’ve got a range of great Father’s Day presents for every Dad! Here are some gift ideas for Dad that can be delivered straight to your door from FLOWERHUB.


A plant is always a great addition to your home, Dad can pop his plant in the living room to brighten up the space while he watches the footy, in the study to keep him company while he works or anywhere he likes! We regularly stock Spaths (Also known as a Peace Lily) which are super easy to look after and thrive indoors.


Succulents are a smaller gift idea and perfect when you’re after just one more gift to add to Dad’s gift basket. These fellas are hearty too, they don’t need much water and can survive pretty much anywhere. They’ll thrive with a bit of sun so perfect for Dad to place on a windowsill or somewhere light. Not sure how Dad will go with a plant? It’s fine, we’ve all killed a plant or two in our lifetime, start him off with a succulent and go from there.


Typically flowers are seen as a Mother’s Day gift, but why not treat Dad to a bunch? Flowers make people happy so let’s give Dad a bunch that’ll suit his personality. Here are some suggestions:


Natives are the perfect choice for a Dad who loves Australia, the outback, nature or any of the above. Native flowers are generally red/green/yellow and we tend to stock plenty of varieties. Why not order some proteas and grab some greenery to go with them? These would look great in a big vase!


Dad’s bring a light into our lives like no other, a bunch of sunflowers are a cost-effective choice that you can pair with greenery and smaller flowers or simply gift them on their own.

Dried flowers

If you want something that’s longer lasting go for some dried flowers, these guys can last up to 12 months! We stock a huge variety of colours so there’s something for every Dad whether he likes neutrals, bright and bold colours, blues, greys, whatever Dad likes we’ll have something to suit him.

No matter what Dad loves we’ve got something to suit him on our online flower market and we can deliver a box of plants or flowers straight to your door or Dad’s. We deliver almost everywhere and have new stock all the time so make sure you come back and check our stock regularly!