Flowers and Personality Which Flower Are You

Each of us has our own distinct personality, from the silent types to those who are the lives of the party. Similar to flowers, these distinct characteristics are what make us unique and lovely. If you’re looking out to give flowers as a gift, wouldn’t it be special to find the perfect flower that reflects the uniqueness of the recipient’s personality? 

One type of personality classification that is often used is the Myers-Briggs. It provides insights into how people behave in certain ways. If you know the personality type of your loved ones, here are the best blooms that reflect their unique traits and quality:

ISTJ - Baby’s breath

Persons under the ISTJ personality are strong-willed individuals with a rational mind. They dedicate themselves to their responsibilities and relationships. They are loyal, dependable, and unwavering in their personal connections. Baby’s breath represents purity, discipline, and devotion, making them the perfect flowers for this personality type. 

INFJ - Daisies

INFJs live their lives towards changing the world - and oftentimes, they do. They are virtuous visionaries that dedicate themselves to making the world a better place to live in. Daisies perfectly represent these individuals - full of inspiration and virtue. 

INTJ - Alstroemerias

INTJs possess the most brilliant minds among the 16 Myers-Brigg personalities. They are infinitely analytical, enjoy their time alone but their loyalty and friendship to people with similar wavelengths are unwavering. The flower alstroemeria symbolises strength, ambition, and friendship, making it the perfect flower for these genius folks. 

ENFJ - Sunflowers

Individuals with ENFJ personality radiate passion, authenticity, and warmth. They are born leaders that inspire people. They energise people with their impeccable communication and infectious enthusiasm and happiness. Just like the sunflower, they display strength, leadership, and irresistible charm.  

ISTP - Daffodils

Persons who have an ISTP personality dare to be different, and it gives them so much joy when they are seen as eccentric and unique. They enjoy challenges and often treat them as games that they need to win. They don’t like to be pinned down. They would rather bloom wherever life brings them. Their perfect flower is the daffodil which symbolises achievement, new beginnings, and prosperity. 

ESFJ - Peonies

ESFJs are compassionate, warm, and caring people. They are incredibly socially conscious and thrive when serving those around them. This contributes to their popularity amongst their social circles. The beautiful peony perfectly embodies their personality since this bloom represents compassion, friendship, and love. 

INFP - Hydrangeas

These people are idealistic and imaginative. They see the best in everyone around them. Their artistic expression and ideas speak the loudest in the room. INFPs find inspiration from their emotional depth. Hydrangeas perfectly represent this personality since it is full of dreaminess and emotion. 

ESFP - Lotuses

ESFPs live fully in the moment and are people-oriented. They relish life and have the power to make others around them feel light-hearted as well. They are just like lotuses. They bloom beautifully through muddy waters whilst spreading positivity and love. 

ENFP - Gerberas

These people would be the most vibrant people we can meet. They are one of the most sociable types of personalities. Gerberas are the perfect flower for them - full of vibrance, colour, and life. 

ESTP - Carnations 

ESTPs are the most daring people on the planet. They enjoy going out of the box in all their endeavours. Carnations represent them beautifully as this flower embodies bravery and strength. 

ESTJ - Lilies

Those with ESTJ personalities honour tradition and order. They hold a strong sense of duty towards the people around them. They are also dedicated to maintaining peace and order in their surroundings. Lilies capture the essence of these individuals since it symbolises honour, motherhood and royalty. 

ENTJ - Irises

ENTJs are charismatic and confident people. They are usually social leaders that are great in drawing in a crowd. They are sophisticated and organised. Similar to the Iris flower, they turn heads whenever they are in the room. 

INTP - Tulips

These people are inventive and enthusiastic. They are creative and great problem solvers. They leap into everything with an open mind and aim to succeed at all times. Tulips are the perfect flowers for INTPs as it is full of vividity and prosperity. 

ISFJ - Lilacs

ISFJs are altruistic and reliable individuals. These people are strong go-getters and know how to get things done in a confident and calm manner. Lilacs best represent them because of the bloom’s quiet confidence and tranquillity. 

ENTP - Orchids

ENTPs are curious and creative individuals. They are the most interesting and insightful conversationalists around. They are best re[resented by the orchid, which embodies artistic magnificence. 

ISFP - Lavenders

ISFPs are calm and gentle individuals. They enjoy the warmth of being around others and will spread this to everyone they meet. They are best represented by lavender which embodies calmness and warmth. 

Now that you know the flowers representing each personality type, you can be sure that the next blooms you buy are tailored fit to your recipient.