Indoor Plants

Looking for the perfect indoor plant? Here's some key info on some of our top picks!

Anthurium – A gorgeous plant that’ll bring a touch of the tropics indoors! With glossy leaves, Anthuriums can flower burgundy, red, pink or white flowers and don’t need too much more love then a regular drink. Give your Anthurium a home out of direct sunlight and it’ll be happy all year round!

Ficus Lyrata – Also known as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, this guy is a staple in homes these days. Looking for an indoor plant with pizazz? The Fiddle Leaf Fig is your answer. With beautiful green leaves and the potential to grow quite tall the Fiddle Leaf is best kept out of direct sunlight, out of the cold, but somewhere it’ll get a touch of brightness during the day. You only need to water your fig when the potting mix seems dry, but you’ll be able to tell if your fig is thirsty as you’ll notice it’s leaves drooping.

Kale – Kale has become all the rage in the last couple of years and now it’s not just an addition to your salad! Bring the colours and textures of Kale into your home and pop one in a pot. Kale loves to sunbake so find a spot with full or part sun and it’ll be a happy little plant if you water it regularly.

Spathiphyllum – Better known as a Peace Lily, and probably one of the most classic choices for an indoor plant. These leafy lovelies will look beautiful in your home and are hardy and low maintenance, you might even find at all white flower or two appear throughout the year. Position your Peace Lily indoors in a warm spot away from direct sunlight and water regularly.

Succulents – Everyone loves a succulent! These little beauties are the superman of the lot with the reputation for being the most hardy plant you could get. Available in a huge range of styles and sizes, a succulent is the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking for an easy to maintain plant. Typically succulents love a bit of sun and only need watering every now and then. Be sure to check out your succulent type for the specifics!

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