Job Keeper a boost for flower businesses


The Australian Government announced today that a Job Keeper payments subsidy would be introduced.

What is it? It provides a $1,500 a fortnight before tax subsidy to employers for eligible employees for 6 months.

It's paid monthly in arrears via the tax system, so as long as you are paying the employee, the ATO will reimburse you after the end of Month.

Key bits of Info:-

Your Business: Must have suffered an economic loss from the effects of Covid19 and decreased Revenue/Sales by 30%.

Start Date: Employees must be on your books from March 1.

Employee Type: Sole Trader, Full Time, Part Time & Casual (as long as casual has been with you for 12 months or over).


Nominate with the ATO and join here

JOB KEEPER info link

Download the Government Fact Sheet

Australian Government Business Information link for Assistance