Live Stock It's the Nirvana of Online Flower Selling


Anyone can open a Shopify store and in a day can say they sell flowers online.  The real challenge comes when the store starts to get regular customers .

One of the keys to FLOWERHUB success is the live stock that is constantly managed online flower market. Utilising our amazing flower platform technology we're able to currently fulfil orders at a 97% success rate. This of course is not our goal, as we now embark on methods to reach a 100% order fulfilment for our customers.

Most stores will put up a "wish list" for people to indicate they want. They'll then scramble at the closing time and go and try and source the items that they have sold. This foraging mentality makes business sense if you are looking at minimising costs but it doesn't make sense if you are looking at maximising client happiness and repeat custom.

For those willing to commit to running live stock on their platform they will reap the benefit of the challenge and hard work that is attached to that. Customers will become regular and gain trust in their service offering and a unique and solid business will be built over time based on this single principle.

Live stock is one of the hardest things to get right, but one of the most important. If you run an online store or are going to, make sure your stock that you are selling is accurate to the second.