Leanne Grant promoted to Head FLOWERHUB

It is with great pleasure that I announce that LeanneGrant takes over the reigns as HUBBOSS of FLOWERHUB from November 1st, 2019


Leanne has been a part of the Christensen Group of Companies for over 24 years, firstly as a customer & then as a flower broker back in 2010. Leanne has a deep understanding of our Company culture & Values. Being a Florist herself she intimately understands our Core Customer needs & the pressures faced at store level on a daily basis.

Leanne has had an interesting and varied flower experienced career-

·        Completed Florist studies at TAFE in 1988 (worldexpo in Brisbane)

·        Worked at David Jones Florist/ The Flowerman1997-2006

·        Promoted to Manager The Flower Man , Ascot1998-2006

·        Opened her first florist shop in 2006

·        Customer for over 15 years

·        Joined the team in 2010

·        Promoted to head flower broker in 2014

·        Promoted to Sales Manager in 2017

·        Promoted to Executive Team Member in 2018

·        November 1st 2019 Promoted &assumes position of HUBBOSS

As HUBBOSS Leanne is responsible for all aspects of the FLOWERHUB company.

A particular focus is overseeing the implementation of the FLOWERHUB strategic 3 year plan.

Assisted by her executive team she has a firm focus on you, the Florist customer, as you continue to be the number 1 focus for us here at FLOWERHUB.

Leanne is driven by 1 focus. 100% order Fulfillment for you. What you clickon is what you receive in your box, every time. With the only acceptable exception being if the product misses it’s arrival slot making dispatch of it impossible.

The aim is to have No more count discrepancies. No more quality failures identified after the product has been sold to you online. The aim is 100% fulfillment & it is going to be incredibly challenging, but achievable only with Ninja like focus.

Leanne is easily the most suited & skilled person for this role & I congratulate her on this career achievement.

Nicki Christensen

Group CEO