New Name Same Team - Flowerhub


Friday 28th June, 2019 - Start of the Future in our new Brand, FLOWERHUB

We''re excited to be presenting the best version of ourselves, rebranded, ready to meet the ever evolving business
challenges head on & hopefully survive to tell the tale of another 23 years of trading in this new brand.

Christensen Flower Auction was a great entity. Served all who utilized it''s trading platform well & encouraged Florists
not to be debt burdened, but rather to pay as they Go. Suppliers loved it because they were paid on average 6 times quicker
than other wholesale markets, which meant they could bank on the cash flow to pay their workers every week, like clockwork.

The new brand for us removes the confusion word "auction" and we replace it with the word "Hub" because we feel like we are a 
Flower Hub in the real world.

The team is excited to be part of something from day one & that is to be enjoyed and celebrated.

The photo of the old logo on the white background above, has the people behind it who were actually part of the company back then.

A good mix of the old heads and the new life blood that keeps us moving forward and evolving not only as a company, but as humans.

Thank you to all of our Team, Customers, Suppliers, Growers, Supporters & Family members. Non of this could be possible, without you.