Our favourite Australian Native Flowers

How amazing are the native flowers from our own Aussie backyard!

With so many options for your next bouquet or arrangement let’s have a look at some of our favourite native flowers at FLOWERHUB Brisbane and what you can pair them with.


If you’re looking for something different for your bunch, look no further than the coccinea! With a red head and broad green leaves ,these guys are sure to stand out.


Pair with: Safari sunset leucadendron


Available in red and green, Leucadendron produce subtle flowers and look amazing as an added extra in your bunch!


Pair with: Proteas

Fun fact: You can also dry these out and use them to bulk out your dried arrangement too.


These beautiful native flowers come in white, orange, pink and purple and add a little something extra to any arrangement or bunch. Thryp is always great value for money, with great sized bunches at a low cost and enough in the bunch to spread across multiple arrangements.


Pair with: Seasonal flowers or natives


If you’re looking for a feature piece, look no further than a king protea! Available in white and pink, these giant flowers make an absolute statement. A thick stem holds up the typically oversized head while green leaves add a nice touch to the overall vibe of the flower. The kings are sturdy so you won't have to worry about breakage with these guys!


Pair with: Beautiful gum foliage


After a vibrant piece that’s maybe a little smaller than your king? Venus is her name. The contrasting bright green leaves with the redhead make for a beautiful piece in any arrangement.


Pair with: Oriental lilies


We LOVE Waratahs. An iconic Australian flower they come in red and occasionally white, and boy oh boy do they make for a beautiful feature piece. Pop a couple of these in your next bouquet and you’ll see how much they stand out!


Pair with: Everlasting daisies

Blushing Bride

Becoming super popular with our blushing brides, are the blushing brides! You’ll see these popping up more and more in bridal bouquets, the soft touches of pink within the white and the interesting texture of the petals makes for a beautiful addition to any bouquet.


Pair with: Pale seasonal roses, dusty miller

You'll find our native range under the 'Natives' tab on the online market at FLOWERHUB Brisbane, be sure to check back regularly as we get new stock just about every day!