Product Alert Online Market Website Feature

Looking for a particular product? Did you know that with our online flower market you won't have to keep checking back! We can send you an email or SMS when what you're after comes back in stock. Try out our product alert feature. Set an alert for a custom date or the coming week, month or even next season!

So how do you set up a product alert? It's easy!

Log in to FLOWERHUB. On the left-hand menu of your dashboard Click Shopping and on the drop-down section please select Product Alert.


Once you're on the product alert home page, type the name or variety you're after in the search box or find the products you like from the list.


In this example, we've searched for protea. All that include protea in the name, variety or colour of the product will be shown on the results. When you've found the item you'd like to set an alert for, click select and it'll bring up the options for your reminder. You can choose SMS or email and set your time frame. After selecting all the options, click on the Set button to save your settings.


(Please note that we may charge you for SMS alerts. This will be added onto your next invoice or invoiced separately if the SMS costs reach $10 before your next invoice.)

You can also refine your search using advanced filters. As some search results may end up with a large amount to choose from, this is a great way to look for colours, varieties and product families. Let's go and find Red gerbera as an example. type 'gerbera' on the Search box then click on Show Advanced Filters then choose the colour. You can also use the advanced filter to filter by size (small is less than 50cm, large is 50cm or longer), or filter by the actual product family. Filtering by the product family is great when you're looking for a particular type of flower.


When your product is available to purchase, we'll send you one SMS or email per day until you cancel the alert, are sold out of the product, or purchase the product. When you're sent your alert you'll receive a link through to the online marketplace and you'll be ready to shop!

If you have any questions along the way, simply chat online with our customer service team and we'll help you out.