Rustic Wedding Bouquet Inspo using Dried Flowers


Rustic-themed wedding is one of the latest wedding trends that's taking the center stage today. Brides and even wedding event planners can't get enough of it. What's even more interesting is when we incorporate the dried flower craze into it. The thing we love the most about this rustic dried wedding bouquet is the look that it gives, it's so romantic.

Here we have a wedding bouquet idea perfect for a Rustic wedding. You can always create this dried wedding bouquet in advance as flowers used can last forever. This can be used by the bride, bridesmaid, or anyone at your wedding party.

First off, here's a list of all the products used to create this stunning posy mix. You may find these on our online flower market or any flower stores near you:


  • Dried Ti Tree
  • Ixodia
  • Nigella
  • Leucadendron
  • Preserved Roses
  • Real looking (Artificial) King Protea
  • White Leather Fern
  • Natural Dried Wheat
  • Preserved Hydrangea
  • Artificial Rose Gold Monstera
  • Palm Spear

You can always choose different flowers and colours you like for your bouquet. If some of these are not available as dried you can always buy some fresh ones and learn how to dry flowers  for longer use.

Follow this easy and quick dried flower bouquet inspo tutorial to create your own wedding bouquet.