Top 5 Flower Trends in 2021

With last year’s uncertainty because of the global crisis, we all have learned that flowers aren’t just necessities. They are a necessity that brings happiness and boost our wellbeing. Flowers and plants are both beneficial for our physical and mental health because of their air-purifying qualities and their ability in reducing stress and anxiety. 

The New Year promises a new beginning and the flower industry is expected to be more in demand than ever. Various floral trends will surely come out, but here are the ones that are set to surge in popularity:

Flower subscription boxes

2020 saw a large demand for a convenient way to send long-lasting flower gifts. Many of us sent our distant loved ones with beautiful blooms in the form of flower subscriptions. This is not going anywhere this 2021. 

Pastel colours

Expect bursts of soft pinks, sage greens, and creamy whites this year. Aside from beautiful pastel-coloured flowers, plants and greenery will remain important too, particularly those that have ‘air-purifying qualities’ and have the ‘capacity to add life to shaded areas’. 


Consumers will continue to actively look for brands that provide sustainable options and help them make environmentally conscious purchase decisions. This does not mean that products should be less luxe. Many florists create beautiful arrangements that have lesser environmental impacts


Floral trends this year will go beyond appearance. 2021 will be more about curation and personalised gifting. Gifting something meaningful will become a priority for many since most days are spent away from loved ones. This year is all about being unique by creating floral arrangements that are personal to you and your loved ones

Wedding and special occasions

Since most weddings were canceled last year because of the ongoing global pandemic, this year we will see plenty of wedding floral trends for those nuptials that were postponed. Some will opt for a minimalist wedding, while others will go for ‘show-stopping’ flower arrangements.