Web Timeline

We love to remember where we came from, this webpage is dedicated to how far we’ve grown online.

I’m Sergi O.G., I’m a webmaster and from 2016 I’ve been involved in the design and creation of the new web pages. The front page is not all from me, the first version of the dashboard is 90% from me, but now, we’re a big team and I focus on developing all the code behind, plus most of the JAVASCRIPT that manages the web, frontend and backend. I hope you enjoy this small tour of our web history.

First Version year 2000


Year 2002


Year 2004


Year 2006


Year 2008

This is one of the best, I start to work with the company when we are with this web version on the year 2015. But because is using old tecnologies, and is not responsive for the new era about the mobility, is why we start to develop a new web page, and release the first awesome version.


Year 2016


Year 2019

On this year also we have a rebrand name and we start to call FLOWERHUB.