You can now change your delivery address after you've ordered

We've all had those moments where you go through the checkout process and realised 'Oh no! I've chosen the wrong address...' It's been a busy day, there's lots going on, we understand! That's why we've made it easy for you to change your address after you've purchased. 

As long as your order hasn't been packed yet, we now give you the option to update your shipping address to a preloaded address from your profile, or you can input a brand new address. Let's walk you through the steps:

You've placed a fantastic order of beautiful flowers, plants and/or accessories and just as payment has completed, you realise you accidentally chose the wrong address!


Not to worry, simply head to your dashboard, click on deliveries, then my orders.


This will bring up a list of all your orders, if your order hasn't been packed yet, you'll see a button to the right with change address.


Once you've clicked on change address, you'll see the option to select another address (if choosing one already linked to your profile) or simply fill in the details.



Hit save and you're all done! Your box will be delivered to your new chosen address.

Happy shopping!