DIY Wedding Flower Packages & Wholesale Flowers in Brisbane

DIY Wedding Flowers in Brisbane

DIY Wedding Flowers?Would you DIY your Wedding Dress? It’s just as important. Pictureyour big day in your mind. You’re probably imagining radiant, perfect makeup, hairthat does exactly what it’s told, and your dress. That dress is the envy of everyother girl in that room.

Your partner is looking lovingly at you likeyou’re the only woman in the world. Now, did you even think about the flowersthat you are holding? Or the button holes your partner & the groomsmen arewearing? Probably not but that is exactly the danger. Did you know that theonly other wedding thing that is in just about every photo, apart from gloriousyou and your partner and bridal party, is your wedding flowers?

wedding bouquet sizes                                                                                         DIY Wedding Bouquet Creation

Here’s ourGuide in Deciding for the Right DIY Wedding Flowers

1. Size matters. Proportion iseverything

If you are a fuller figured woman a bigbouquet will amplify your measurements. If you are a tiny girl a big bouquetwill make you look unbalanced. There is a fine art and a skill to getting thewedding bouquet just right.

2. DIY orDo It Yourself is almost a badge of honour in Australia

So it is no surprise that more and more bridesand wedding organisers are opting to DIY Wedding & Event Flowers. It isseen as a cheaper way to achieve that floral wonderland. Everyone is thinking aKardashian style Floral wonderland. They are already imagining their ownInsta’s looking like a champagne affair but magically achieved on a beerbudget. Fade picture to black. Que Screaming & disappointment.

3. ThinkAbout you wedding Theme

What look and feel do you want to achieve. Howdo you want your photos to look? The ones you’ll be looking back on for thenext 10-20 years. Will you be happy with what is achieved in the floral? 

4. Flowers are natures beautiful gift

They can be fun and even therapeutic to playwith. Most people feel like they can “Arrange Flowers” because we have all putflowers in a vase & they have looked lovely. But here is the falsehood inthat picture flowers in a vase does not Flower Arranging maker.

Placing flowers in a vase is not the samething as constructing a wedding bouquet, making a button hole or even making atable centre pieceIt’s simpler to understand when it’s put into building terms.Imagine renovating a home. You’d probably back yourself to do that afterwatching the Block or a million other DIY renovation shows, right? No worries.But would you actually undertake to build the entire building from scratch? Laythe foundations, build the frame and then do the pretty fun bit at the end, thedecoration? I’d guess no unless hubby or you are a builder.

There’s a reason why some of Australia’s top florists can charge over $200,000a wedding for the socialites and its not because the clients have too muchmoney, it’s because the florists are simply that good. They are mastercraftsmen and women. Champions of their trades like skilled carpenters.Constructing pieces of beauty from raw materials.

So back to you and your day. Are you ready todo all of that on one of the most stressful days of your life? Is your familyfriend that said “yeah I can do the flowers” capable of delivering your vision?

5. Purposeof this is not to poo poo DIY

The aim is to shine the spotlight of realityon the idea of DIY Wedding flowers to ensure that you will get what it is youwant, so that your special day is just as perfect as your mental picture. Areyou the type of person that DIY will suit? Only you can honestly answer thisquestion.

It’s the same as would you cook the food forthe dinner to save some money? I’m guessing, no.

6. It’scute when a child has a go at a project

We overlook the masking tape, the uneven joinsand the cable ties and we say “well done” because we want to be encouragingparents. I’m guessing that your guests won’t be as forgiving based on some ofthe horror table pieces that have been shared on Facebook in the past. So howto make the decision to DIY or not to DIY?

7. Thinkabout how much you have spent on the professional photographer to make sure thepictures are good

A venue to make sure the ambiance, food &bev is great and that your guests have a nice time. So now think about yourbouquet that’s in every photo with you. Think about the table centrepieces thatevery guest will be looking at intensely and forming an opinion on. Think aboutthe pew flowers in the church and the arrangement under the lectern. Will theycut the mustard in the court of public opinion on even worse, your ownscrutiny?

Is it cost you should be saving or is it valueyou should be aiming for. Good news is, you can have both.

If you want to save money on your weddingflowers and wholesale flowers you either have to be an incredibly relaxed and easy-goingpersonality type. You don’t really mind that much what your floral looks likeas long as it looks presentable and nice. If this is you then you should definitelyconsider DIY & you can easily shoponline from companies such as FLOWERHUB in Brisbane who will deliver the bulk flowersby the box to your door ready for your big day.

If however you aren’t that easy going, or you indeedaren’t a Florist then you should definitely engage a Florist to look after yourWedding.

The hard thing to reconcile in the whole DIY Wedding Flower consideration isactually allowing yourself to place a value on the skill that is Floristry. Thehard part is that it is not easily valued, as say a carpenter or mechanic, becausemost people have no idea what that Floristry skill is worth. Floristry is atrade. Most people know a Mechanic is around $60 - $75 an hour because we’veall seen a line item on an invoice stating how many hours they spent fixing thebloody car last service. So given our lack of exposure to instinctually knowwhat a Florist’s time is worth by the hour & combining that with thethinking that “because we’ve played with flowers in a vase at home we can dofloral”, we have a false sense of our own abilities. Talk about hard to make anaccurate assessment and decision.

A seasoned florist is an essential professional to have in your corner on yourbig day. The Experience they will bring and the tacit knowledge they haveabsorbed in their many years as a Flower Professional will all be on show inthe final floral creations that they make for you. All aspects of the processthey will take care of, from working out how many of what type of flower tobuy. The construction of pieces and even hanging installations etc. Youwouldn’t want your bridal party inadvertently injured if your floral hangingsuddenly falls from the sky.

Floral done right for a Wedding willultimately help you achieve the vision you have for your day. The good part isthat you have the choice on what you spend your money on & who you engageto help you achieve the vision.

DIY Wedding Flowers can be a great way to savemoney and add some chic as long as you’ve done it for the right reasons withthe right end results in mind.