Dried Flowers the Floral trend that Rocked 2020

Whilst most of the world is in lockdown because of the pandemic, various trends have emerged. This includes a comeback for dried flowers in floristry.  It actually started in 2019 but its popularity grew, even more, this year. Before the global outbreak,  it’s getting big at events, interiors of hotels and restaurants, even product launches. During the lockdowns, it hit our Instagram feeds by storm with all the inspos that florists post. Its popularity is based on good reasons and here are some of them: 

Last longer

One of its biggest benefits is the fact that dried flowers last longer. They last at an average of one year, and when dyed, even for a couple of days. Fresh flowers can last up to 10 days, but when using dried ones, you can create a long-lasting arrangement and bouquet. 

Don’t have to be watered

Since they are dried, they don’t need any water or taking care of in general. They are the way to go for flower lovers who don’t feel like taking care of flowers religiously.

Can be used as decors

For fresh flowers, event decors should be prepared on the same day because they will wither and die. But with dry flowers, it can be prepared in advance since it has gone through a drying process, it will look gorgeous throughout the whole event. 

Come in all shapes, colours, and sizes

Just like fresh ones, dried flowers come in many shapes, forms, colours, and sizes,  from roses, lavenders to native flowers in Brisbane

For all seasons

There’s a large range of dried flowers in Brisbane available through all seasons at Flowerhub. You can never run out of choices whether it be Christmas, Valentine's or just to say thank you.

This dried flower trend might be here for a while as searches and posts about it continue to increase. We are excited about what else it would bring to the world of floristry!