Six Wedding Flower Trends for 2021


2020 has been a year of uncertainty and weddings have been put on hold. The New Year is shaping up to be the year of finally saying I Do, given that restrictions are easing up. With this, there are new and exciting trends emerging in wedding flowers

The Small Wedding

Couples will go bigger in smaller ways in 2021. If there’s one thing that 2020 taught us is that small weddings can still be romantic. Weddings with just the nearest and dearest let couples focus on the important things - their marriage, their family and their closest friends. 

Lesser formal weddings mean less formal gowns. Venues vary - either dinner at an amazing restaurant or in a family home being hosted by one of the family members. 

Floral trend for small weddings 

The non-traditional wedding venue needs to be turned into a wedding celebration and nothing can achieve it more than the abundance of beautiful flowers. With lesser guests and formality, couples will have more budget for gorgeous florals. Though the event is smaller, the abundance of flowers will bring more life and colour to the event. 

With the non-traditional wedding gowns, brides can choose those non-traditional and quirky wedding bouquets. Flowers with bold colours would be perfect as well those exotic blooms. 

The Big Wedding

For some couples, not even a pandemic can stop them from having a big wedding. This means lavish gowns, extravagant details, and elegant venues filled with loads of flowers. 

Floral trend for big weddings

Lavish flowers with a theatrical effect would be the trend for big weddings. Flowers would be in the front and centre when the couple enters their wedding venue. Roses, orchids and hydrangeas would represent luxury. 

The Eco-friendly Wedding 

A sustainable way of life has been advocated in the last few years, and many people have started practising it. This means that couples who opted to host a sustainable wedding would want flowers that are sustainable and choosing florists who use recyclable materials in creating floral designs. 

Floral trend for an eco-friendly wedding

To be able to introduce sustainability in this type of wedding, use flowers that are natural to their season. Work on a specific colour scheme instead of on a specific list of flowers. Some florists choose to avoid floral foams in their arrangements. 

The Dried, Dyed and Tied Wedding

Dried flowers saw a big come back in 2020 and have been one of the hottest trends in floristry. It offers a great way of adding colour and texture to any floral design. Dried grasses can be used with wedding posies for a fabulous boho-inspired look. Dried palm leaves are combined with rainbow coloured babies' breath creating large scale clouds of flowers. 

The Traditional Bride Wedding 

A sentimental trend is emerging with a desire for a more feminine theme. Colours that are soft and fresh that embody timelessness, romance and class would be the centre of this type of theme. 

Floral trend for traditional bride wedding

The timeless cascading wedding bouquet would be perfect for this traditional theme. The blooms would be wired and taped then arranged into an elegant waterfall. This is a very timeless arrangement perfect for delicate blooms, garden roses and lily of the valley. Church ceremonies are decorated with classic urns filled with gorgeous flowers. Table decors would be filled with golden and soft pastel hues. 

The Extreme Colour Wedding

There are couples who would forego the muted tones of peach and coral. They would go with bold and experimental colour trends. Think about electrifying pink, yellowly orange, emerald green, and cherry reds. 

Floral trend for extreme colour wedding

This trend breaks tradition shows strength and reflects intense emotion. Popular floral choices would be anthuriums, cattleyas, bearded Iris, and hot-coloured roses. 

Flowers make the wedding’s theme by showing one’s unique style. It ties up all the other elements together. It is a beautiful way that nature shows us everything will be just fine.