Southside Flower Market now open in Slacks Creek

Logan City now has its very own flower market called the Southside Flower Market. Proudly located on the South side of Brisbane it is proud to serve both the cities of Brisbane and Gold Coast but also more proudly the local people who live and work in the Logan City Area.

Flowerhub Pty Ltd.

Flowerhub at the Southside Flower Market is now open at 6 Carlyle Street, Slacks Creek 4127. Located on the same side of the highway as IKEA the flower market street is easy to find, simply turn when you see the SUBARU sign.

The People of Logan City have never had a Flower Market & have had to trek across town to the Rocklea Flower Markets; a trip that can take more than 1hr in heavy traffic. Well not any more.

Logan City is a Vibrant Multi Cultural and diverse city and much like Sydney has Chatswood as a major hub outside the CBD, so too is the Springwood, Underwood, Slacks Creek area for Brisbane.

It is only fitting that Australia’s newest flower market is also the most technologically advanced. Every bunch of flowers, pot plant and floral accessory item is made available to the world online, with real time, live stock levels. This means that people who do not have the time to travel can simply log on from their favourite screen and live buy the items they need.

Selling wholesale flowers the South Side Flower Market is perfect for events in Logan City & especially suits the DIY market as it sells wholesale farm size bunches by the box full.


Christensen’s Flower Auction

What may be a surprising to know is that the Flowerhub has been operating under another name for almost 8 years in Logan, with Christensen Flower Auction as its sole tenant. Not only was CFA the major tenant occupying the whole market building, it was recognised as one of the Westpac Bank Top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow in 2018 because of its heavy tech focus.

Just as Europe has Aalsmere & other countries have their own trading flower auctions, Christensen Flower Auction was Australia’s only flower auction. Australia also had its very own hi tech digital flower auction right here in Brisbane.

Established in 1995 to help local flower growers achieve higher returns for their quality flower crops & to ensure the money flowed back to the farms in just 7 days.

CFA was a revolutionary company that shattered the cartel like behaviour of local flower wholesalers, paying flower growers in 7 days unlike the wholesalers who extorted the growers & only paid every 90 – 120 days. Ironically, the flower auction was born out of a wholesale operation through the vision of Bent Christensen who saw the struggles smaller quality producers had in gaining entry into a very closely held market space.

Christensen Flower Auction enjoyed 23 years of operation and in that time had major technological advances in the flower industry which made access to the centralized market easier and provided a more open and transparent trading environment.


Key pioneering technological advances of CFA turned Flowerhub

  •          Electronic flower buying via LED sales clock installed in Australia 15 November, 1995.
  •          1996 March – Grading standards created of 1,2 & 3 to standardize product Quality.
  •          2001 July - Remote Bidding Software released. First remote bidding customer connected from Rockhampton to a live flower auction. (think dial up, cd room to install program etc).
  •          2003 First Agent sets up to buy for others that can’t make it to live auctions.
  •          Installed first fully automated customer Self Check Out terminal in 2006.
  •         Pre-Bidding introduced where a customer could set price points & walk away. The computer would buy for them if the price point agreed was reached.
  •          Moved to Full Digital trading in March 2007 which made the entire operation able to move 100% online.
  •          Laptops installed to allow full digital bidding at the 100 seat Auction stand at Rocklea in November 2008.
  •          Own logistics network established for an instant delivery as a standard service March 2009.
  •          Commenced automatic customer labelling of packing in August 2009.
  •          Expanded to 3 inhouse buying agents October 2009.
  •          Moved into a custom layout building away from the centralized market in Nov 2011.
  •          First customer purchased from America using Remote Bidder in December 2011.
  •          Moved to full scan picking & packing in April 2012.
  •          1 touch instant pay and auto emailing of invoices implemented in January 2013.
  •          Email ordering introduced 2014.
  •          Ultimate Choice released. Offered packages for buying & delivery & also full online catalogues for customers use as a sales tool in store in June 2014.
  •          Planning to release a full online “shop anytime” shopping experience commenced July 2014
  •          First UBER express order pick, packed, sent & received within 60 minutes of order placement April 2015.
  •          Establishment of an Internal Support team Philippines 6th June 2015.
  •          June 2016 First Buyers Agent installed in the Philippines team buying live in real time.
  •          Track & Trace functionality for customer orders created in August 2016.
  •          2017 March. group marketing concept launched to help customers fight Order Gatherers.
  •          2017 April Scan Selling for Drop in & Shop customers introduced via handheld scanners.
  •          2018 July “Shop Anytime” platform launched.
  •          2018 November 15th Final Flower Auction takes place.
  •          June 30th 2019 Christensen Flower Auction ceases operations.
  •          July 1 2019 rebranded Online Flower Market – Shop Anytime platform to FLOWERHUB.


Flowerhub is the next evolution of the CFA Company. With the 23 years of digital trading at its DNA core Australia’s Online Flower Market continues the ethos of making flowers more accessible and fairer for all through the use of online shopping technology. Given that the City of Logan is a municipality built on inclusiveness, open access and a fair go for all, it is the perfect place for not only FLOWERHUB but for the Southside Flower Market to be located.

Fun Fact: South Side Flower Market was almost called Springwood Flower Market given the suburb is iconic on the Southside of Brisbane.