JOB SEEKER a boost for Flower Businesses


The Australian Government announced today that a JOB SEEKER payments subsidy would be introduced.

What is it?It provides a $1,500 a Fortnight before tax subsidy to emplo

2020 Valentine’s Day Flowers, Roses & Gifts

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year where you can go all out without looking like a hopeless romantic. Whilst you may still use small gestures throughout the year to show the one you love that you care, the 14th of February provides the perfect moment to sweep them off their feet.

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JETSTAR Protected Industrial Action December 13 to 20

Jetstar have put out a press release regarding the Protected Industrial Action commencing on Friday 13th December.


You can read their CEO's response 

L.I.V.E stock. It''s the nirvana of Online Flower Selling

Anyone can open a shopify store and in a day can say they sell flowers online.  The real challenge comes when the store starts to get regular customers .

One of the keys to the FLOWERHUB success is the L.I.V.E stock that is constantly managed. Utilizing our amazing Flower Platform Technology we are able to currently fulfill orders at a 97% success rate. This of course is not our goal, as we now embark on methods to reach a 100% Order Fulfillment for our customers.


Which Blossoms That Is Poisonous To Your Dogs?

They say a Dog is a Man’s best friend. They come in all different shapes & sizes. Big dogs, small dogs, yappy dogs, fluffy dogs, every one of these is loveable dogs. 

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Leanne Grant promoted to Head FLOWERHUB

It is with great pleasure that I announce that LeanneGrant takes over the reigns as HUBBOSS of FLOWERHUB from November 1st, 2019

Dried Flowers & Why They are Back in Vogue in 2019 – nicki christensen


When you think of the word Flower you are probably imagining a

DIY Wedding Flower Packages & Wholesale Flowers in Brisbane

DIY Wedding Flowers in Brisbane

DIY Wedding Flowers?Would you DIY your Wedding Dress? It’s just as important. Pictureyour big day in your mind. You’re probably imagining radiant, perfect makeup, hairthat does exactly what it’s told, and your dress. That dress is the envy of everyother g

New Name Same Team - Flowerhub


Friday 28th June, 2019 - Start of the Future in our new Brand, FLOWERHUB

We''re excited to be presenting the best version of ourselves, rebranded, ready to meet the ever evolving bu

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