3 steps to make your flowers last longer

  • Give them a cut and a drink

    Some flowers can take up to 6 hours to rehydrate,
    make sure you snip those ends and place in fresh clean water.

  • Keep their water fresh

    If your flowers start to drop their heads just re cut them approx
    5cm from the bottom and put them in new water, they should perk up shortly.

  • Treat them like a friend

    Flowers will wilt if left in direct sunlight,
    kept in a warm house or left in their protective sleeves or wrapping.
    If you treat them well they’ll stay around for longer, they like to be unwrapped and enjoy fresh air to breathe.

  • 24 hours

    If something is going to go wrong with your flowers,
    it will happen in the first day they are with you. You have 24 hours
    from arrival to request a refund or replacement. Sometimes imported products
    can arrive in a slightly unhappy state. Simply follow the hydrate and friend steps above for the first 24 hours.

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