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Business Bits
Nicki Christensen

Called Business Bits because it's business, served up in easy to consume bits. These short podcasts are hosted by 4th generation business owner Nicki Christensen. Nicki also has special guests from the business world sharing their insight, wins and losses with gold level advice from people who are doing not just hypothesising. Nicki is a business advisor, international business speaker and also owner of Australia's largest B2B online marketplace for fresh flowers, plants and floral sundries which makes him an expert in online marketplaces, automation, logistics and pick/pack.


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Thrive Podcast
Kathleen Drennan

How do I start a floral design business? How do I know if I'm charging enough for that design? How do I know if I'm spending too much on product? How do I get more leads and earn more money?

These are just some of the big questions leading floral designer and creative entrepreneur Kathleen Drennan helps you sort through in the Thrive Podcast #forflorists.

In addition to mini marketing classes and business how-tos, each episode touches on a specific topic relevant to florists and floral designers – regardless of whether you've been doing this for decades or just a few months. You'll walk away with tangible tips to take implement immediately in your business.

Flower Podcast
Nicki Christensen

Catch up on floristry and general flower news with Nicki and a range of special guests.


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Team Flower

Team Flower are a global flower community that span generations, experience levels and areas of expertise.

Listen in as Team Flower talk with influential florists, growers and flower industry professionals.

Based in the USA