Sustainability with overseas suppliers

Where your flowers come from matters

Here at FLOWERHUB we fully support local flower growers. It’s the reason our parent company (Christensen’s Flower Auction) started back in 1995, to ensure flower growers got paid quicker and more often when selling flowers through the centralised markets. Building on this local focus, we do recognise that we’re operating in a more global economy and there are a large portion of flowers that are now imported into Australia due to demand.

We appreciate that some customers only wish to buy local products from us. To ensure we provide as much information that is needed to make an informed purchase decision, we have added a local search filter in our online search box.

Later in 2020 we will be implementing “country of origin” labelling for all of our online products, so that you can actively choose which products & from where you may wish to purchase.

Imported does not mean sweat shop conditions

Overseas flower growers have been working hard to prove both their cultural and humanitarian sustainability. It is common for producers from poorer nations to actually have accreditations to prove that they look after their workers welfare as much as they do their profits.

As we find accreditations we’ll post them here so that you can learn about the great work they do:
Kenyan Flowers supplied by Flower Flow

Kenyan Flowers supplied by Flower Flow – See their approach here:

South American Farms implement the – Florverde Scheme – see link here :

Sustainability from a local perspective:

Recycling is the simplest form of sustainability that we can live each day.
Cardboard and general waste: We’ve partnered with JJ Richards to be our waste contractor providing not only a reliable cardboard recycling pathway for us, but they also turn their refuse into power through subterranean methods.

Read about JJ Richards sustainability here:

LED Lighting: We’ve changed all of our warehouse lights to be LED.

Moving from 400 watt consumption of the old highbay style lights per unit down to 1 LED unit only consuming 200 watts but replacing 2 lights means an overall energy reduction of 75%. This is not only good for the planet, but also the cost factors as it is cheaper to lighten up FLOWERHUB.

Cold room motor technology – We have recently finished our renewal project changing over our old cold room motors to more environmentally friendly newer models. These use the new gases that are better for the environment and minimise the environmental damage.