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Sexy and Romantic Flowers in Gold Vase Arrangement

Need some romance in your relationship? In this arrangement, we'll use some flowers in deep reds and pink hues to make them look sexy.


Flower Basket Arrangement for Easter

This fun and bright arrangement bring an energy of joy and new beginnings in the season of Autumn. Consider having this kind of arrangement on your tables and home decor for Easter.


DIY Rustic Wedding Dried Flower Arrangement

Learn how to make a rustic wedding bouquet using dried flowers in this easy #diy​ tutorial with Milly.


Gift Wrapping with Dried Flowers

Wrap a present and top it with beautiful dried flowers. See how you can do it yourself in this present wrapping tutorial with dried flowers as gift toppers.


Australian Native Flower Arrangement

While everyone is looking for things to do on Australia Day, we are here to give you a take on an Australia Day inspired flower arrangement. Every flower is symbolized by Australia's iconic landmarks.


Easy Sunflower Hand Bouquet Tutorial

Here is a simple and easy way to create your own Sunflower bouquet you can use on any occasions. This year's Pantone colour make Sunflowers a popular choice when it comes to arrangements, so we see it hitting the top!


DIY Floral Wreath Decor

Milly shows how you can create your own floral wreath decor. This decor is perfect for any season, especially the Holidays.


DIY Dried Flower Wreaths Tutorial

Christmas is coming! Give your Christmas decors a twist of the newest floral trend. Watch Milly as she shows how to create a DIY dried flower wreath.


Bohemian Hat with Dried Flowers

We see trends with Boho decors so now we'll show you how to create a bohemian inspired hat that you can use for the coming Melbourne Cup. It is really easy and fun to do!


How to Create an Easy Floral Headband

Create a simple and beautiful floral headband for the Melbourne Cup with this easy to follow tutorial.


DIY Hair Piece with Dried Flowers

Simple and easy to do flower hair clip for the coming Melbourne Cup (or any event you may need to attend).


How to create a basic flower crown for your kids

In this tutorial, Milly shows how to create an elegant and classic wedding bouquet (with a bit of whimsical touch) perfect for the this year's wedding season.


Create a Classic Wedding Bouquet this Wedding Season

In this tutorial, Milly shows how to create an elegant and classic wedding bouquet (with a bit of whimsical touch) perfect for the this year's wedding season.


How to make a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Flower Bouquet

If you're thinking about shifting to a more eco-friendly 🍃 approach when it comes to creating your floral bouquets, this video will surely help you. Milly made a sustainable flower bouquet using all plant based products.🌿


Quick and easy money spinner bouquet for Valentine's Day 💐

Showing you some quick and easy money spinner bouquet in under 2 min for Valentine's Day! This is what you need for a great Valentines day trade!


How to Create a Dozen Bouquet Roses for Valentine's Day 2020

Looking for a way to create a beautiful dozen roses bouquet for Valentine's Day? Milly shared a way to create one in this video tutorial. Listen to every tips she shared to perfectly create a beautiful arrangement.

how to reflex roses

How to Reflex Roses Perfectly | Roses Tips & Tricks

Double the sizes of your roses with these amazing tips and tricks from Milly of Flowerhub.

most popular mother's day flowers

8 Most Popular Flowers for Mum this Mother's Day

Although pink has been always associated with Mother's Day flower color, brighter, bolder and colorful flower arrangements are in trend now. But what flowers will you use when you need to do an arrangement for mum?

flower beard

Flower Beard Competition at EKKA 2017

One of the highlights in the EKKA Royal Queensland Show last 16 August 2017. Costa Georgiadis beard was floralized with gorgeous flower beard arrangement by one of our local florists.


How to Open Up Carnations in 30 Seconds

Have you just opened up your flower delivery and the Carnations were just so tight? Don't worry. Milly is here to show you the QUICKEST WAY to open up your Carnations buds.


Matthew Landers Floral Demonstration at Flowerhub March 2018

Looking back at the scenes behind the wonderful evening with the one and only Matthew Landers, held last 6th March 2018 at Flowerhub.