Floristry Students Only Area

(If you don't have A.B.N. &/or you aren't a florist, click here)

Welcome to the Floristry Students Page. Congratulations on making your passion into a Career. We haven’t ever met someone coming into Floristry who didn’t have a burning desire to actually work with Flowers & create things that didn’t yet exist. Awesome & Inspiring stuff from you, well Done!

We love Floristry Students here at FLOWERHUB. You are the next generation of Florist’s & we appreciate and value that.

The key 12 Benefits of what we do are outlined further down the page for you, but the few things we wanted to really highlight to you are:

  1. If you are local to us feel free to drop in on a Sunday Midday to 2pm to have a slow browse through the stock and get to know the varieties etc. If you are remote from us, you can do the same thing on line by browsing the online flower market from your screen.
  2. You also have access to our Sales Manager Leanne. She is a Senior Florist with over 30 years of Floristry but is young enough to be up on the latest trends, she regularly does Insta and FB lives etc.
  3. Join our FB Closed Customer Group to get the stock update videos which will greatly help you in your journey of flower learning.
  4. Our founder, Nicki Christensen is a Business Coach and an advisor & is often asked to provide business advice and mentorship. You can find nicki on insta here.
  5. We deliver straight into your Flower School so you don’t have to shleb the flowers with you. (Currently The Flower School, Virginia is the one we have keys for. We are happy to deliver into other schools simply just help us organise a key).

Simply check your postcode over on the right hand side to make sure we deliver to you

If you would prefer for our Sales Manager to come and visit you to discuss this in person, please make contact with Leanne via the FB Messenger.

Shopping in the FLOWERHUB Online Flower market is exactly like walking around a traditional flower market, just more convenient & comfortable as you can do it all from your own screen. You are still dealing with a heap of different growers & their products it just means you get 1 convenient invoice & they are grouped together for you ready to use.

We guide you with comments from our Flower Inspectors and also photos to help you make an informed purchase decision.

The key 12 Benefits of what we do are outlined further down the page for you, but the few things we wanted to really highlight to you are:-

  • Registration is INSTANT via the 1 page form & email verification. We ensure that only bonafide Florist’s & Business’s get access to the TRADE section of the online market.
  • YES YOU enjoy preferential Student pricing. You DO NOT pay the same as everyone else.
  • When you add an item to your cart in the Online Flower Market you are purchasing L.I.V.E stock & you secure your cart items when you complete your purchases and go through check out.
  • You have 45minutes to checkout once you’ve added your first item into your shopping cart. This ensures all stock levels remain accurate & L.I.V.E (Remember: The time doesn’t start until you add something. Browsing is unlimited)
  • We offer scheduled deliveries as well as instant ones, using Uber etc.
  • You DO NOT pay any Cardboard fees with us. The box is FREE for any delivery.

Simply check your postcode over on the right hand side to make sure we deliver to you >

(Make sure you go join on Facebook the Australia Florist & Shop Owners (link here)because it is important to support each other and have a place where you can speak and everyone just gets what you mean, without explaining everything.)

To start, check postcode!

How it Works

click flowerhub logo CLICK Find and select what you want in our easy to navigate online market
buy at flowerhub BUY Checkout and we’ll save your billing info to your account for future purchases
flowerhub delivery DELIVERED We’ll deliver it straight to your door in most areas

12 reasons to shop with

flowerhub text
find flowers at flowerhub
Find Flowers Fast

You can use the search tool on the online market to instantly find what you’re looking for

easy to find flowers
Easy to Browse

Products are separated into tabs so you can easily find what you’re after, browse our new arrivals or check out the featured section

flowerhub live onlineshop
L.I.V.E Stock

Our online stock is live so you'll only see what we have available for purchase, be sure to check back regularly as we receive new stock just about every day

no box fee
No Box Fee

Unlike others, we don’t charge a box free on any purchase that’s delivered via our network

instant flower delivery

Every purchase you make is covered by the HUBHAPPY guarantee, if something’s wrong just let us know and we’ll make it right

open 7 days
Open 7 Days

The only flower market in Australia that’s available for you to shop at any time of the day or night

flowerhub delivery areas
Delivery Areas

We deliver to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA and NT. (Sorry WA and TAS we’re working on it!)

online flower market
Shop from Screen

Our flower market is conveniently available on your screen

customer dashboard flowerhub
Customer Dashboard

Easy access to your invoices, our arrival board, sales history and more

native and imported flowers
Australian & Imported

Filter by Australian products or search for imports

airport connect flower delivery
Airport Connect

We have connections to flights 7 days a week

market price guarantee
Price Guarantee

The price you see on the screen is the price you pay on your invoice