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Welcome to the Social Media Florist Page. You specialize in Lead Generation & Social Media posts. We are a Social Media seller’s secret weapon. Not only can FLOWERHUB give you the leverage you need to keep your Social Media sales campaign open for longer due to our fast delivery systems but also because you have full visual of our Online Flower Market L.I.V.E stock in Real Time. This means you can make instant sales adjustments both in volume & also price based on upto the minute knowledge & market information.

Shopping at FLOWERHUB online is the New Way to do your Flower Market buying for your Florist Business. With over 600 Varieties offered on average on the peak markets we make the whole thing available from your very own screen. All you have to do is Click & Scroll.

Say goodbye to the frustrations you experience like:- Get up Early. Leave Home. Drive to the Market. Pay to Access. Find a Park. Be cold. Game face on. Push around a trolley. Have to haggle. Put up with Annoying public getting in your way. Load up your car. Fight peak hour traffic to your shop. Miss out on your families morning routine. There is a Better & easier way. FLOWERHUB Click.Buy.Delivered.

Browse the Flower Market Online. Click the items you want to buy. We will organise the rest.

We’ve been serving Florist customers for over 23 years under our Christensen’s Flowers brand. We feel like we get you as a Florist, we understand what you need & what your challenges are.

Online is much better than phone or email ordering because nothing beats your eyes for inspiration.

The flowers here are inspected & comments made on them where needed. They are photographed & the basics of length, colour and bunching description is added to help you make an informed purchase decision.

The key 6 Benefits of what we do are outlined further down the page for you, but the few things we wanted to really highlight to you are:-

  • Registration is INSTANT via the 1 page form & email verification. We ensure that only bonafide Florist’s get access to the TRADE section of the online market.
  • YES YOU enjoy preferential Florist pricing. You DO NOT pay the same as everyone else.
  • When you add an item to your cart in the Online Flower Market you are purchasing L.I.V.E stock & you secure your cart items when you complete your purchases and go through check out.
  • You have 45minutes to checkout once you’ve added your first item into your shopping cart. This ensures all stock levels remain accurate & L.I.V.E (Remember: The time doesn’t start until you add something. Browsing is unlimited)
  • We offer scheduled deliveries as well as instant ones, using Uber etc or you can Pick Up.
  • You DO NOT pay any Cardboard fees with us. The box is FREE for any delivery.

Simply check your postcode over on the right hand side to make sure we deliver to you

If you would prefer for our Sales Manager to come and visit you to discuss this in person, please make contact with Leanne via the FB Messenger or call us on 1300 FLOHUB.

To start, check postcode!

How it Works

CLICK Find and select what you want
BUY Go through checkout
DELIVERED We pack and deliver it


Find Flowers Fast

You should use the Hub Search to instantly find Flowers, Plants & Accessories you’re looking for.

Easy to Browse

Using Tabs find everything from New Arrivals in the Featured area to Old favourites by Family name

L.I.V.E Stock

You browse & buy from actual available stock not a generic list meaning better fulfillment

No Box Fee

Unlike others, we don’t charge a Box Fee on any purchase that is Delivered via our Network

Instant Delivery

Need it Now & happy to pay? Uber.
Need it tomorrow?
Use our Cheaper Scheduled Delivery

Open 7 Days

The only Flower market in Australia to be Open 7 Days. Online shop is open all the time too.

Delivery Areas

We deliver to QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, NT. (Sorry WA & TAS not to you)

Shop from Screen

The flower market brought conveniently to your screen.

Customer Dashboard

Access all past invoices, Product Arrivals Board etc from your very own Dashboard online.

Australian & Imported

With us you can choose only Australian Grown or you can also search from Imported Products.

Airport Connect

Instant Deliveries 6 days (Ex Saturday) & scheduled deliveries 4 Days (Sun/Tue/Wed/Thu)

Price Guarantee

The price you see on the screen is the price you will pay on your invoice.