This document is our Security, Data & Privacy Policy in one.

Your Information: The following is provided to let you know why we collect your information when you interact with us, how we handle & store that information & what other parties have access to your information. We outline this to ensure compliance with the Australian Privacy Principles but also so that you can make an informed choice when choosing to deal with us.

For your reference: You can Access the Australian Privacy Principles here

Please note that we do not collect or store any “Sensitive” Information. (Definition as outlined by the A.P.P link here)

For Commercial customers we ask you to indicate your postcode to ensure we can deliver to your area & we also ask you to complete a registration form so that we may identify you as a credible commercial entity prior to granting you access to the Trade version of the platform.

Information that we will ask for and store on our servers & which is visible to our Staff is:

  • Trading Address
  • Postal Address
  • Delivery Address
  • Other Address
  • Contact First Name & Last Name
  • Password for website (shown as XXXX)
  • Phone numbers
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Trading name
  • Delivery
  • Payment Method: Ie Cash/Eway/Direct Debit/Eftpos

Other Information our Staff can see on our CRM under your account:

  • If you’ve opted in for communication, Sms, Invoices by email, Include GST in screen price, whether freight is rebated, if we need ice packs in packing & if you pay freight by the box.
  • Last Invoice Date
  • When you Joined
  • Invoice Amounts Totals for: Last/7Days/30Days/Quarter/Year
  • Comparison of your spend 30DaysVLast Year & % Difference & 2 Years averaged & % difference.
  • Delivery Instructions you have provided or we have noted
  • If we have a Key for your premises provided by you or if not required
  • We allocate you a Customer Classificaton of what type ie Florist etc
  • Packing Notes if any relevant for our packers to note when packing you
  • If you are listed as a Direct Debit.
  • Your service fee margin we charge you
  • If you are blocked or open to trade
  • Online market spend limits set for Daily, Weekly & Monthly
  • If you are a Floristry student or not.
  • Also every Invoice you transact with full details of all purchases and charges.
  • If you place a Pre-Order it is stored on your account
  • When you last transacted
  • The time that you purchased each line item
  • How you paid for that invoice

Under clause 2.2(b) of the A.P.P it is impracticable for Us to deal with individuals who have not identified themselves or who have used a pseudonym as we need to a)verify certain information as part of the financial transaction & b)we need to effect a delivery using real information.

We use an Opt in email function where you must verify the email you have used to trigger your password.

**Please note.The password you enter is stored in our CRM database on our servers. We recommend you to create a password that you will only use for our platform and we strongly recommend you DO NOT USE a previously used password.

During your shopping journey we may also receive your I.P address and store that information against your customer record.

Your contact information is made available to our staff who can access this via our CRM software.

Staff cannot see your password. It shows up as XXXXXX in our CRM. They can set you a temporary one if you need to log in to reset your password, but that you can also do yourself online.

Electronic Payments, How they work & who takes part.

When you shop online with us we have 3 entities that are needed to facilitate the electronic transaction will receive your details to enable them to do so.
The Bank: WESTPAC – where your money ends up as payment to us.
The Payment Gateway: EWAY – facilitates the payment & stores info if needed.
The Merchant: St George - Links the Gateway to the Bank & performs the clearance transaction. They provide the channel for the money to move via the Gateway to our Bank Account.

Any Credit Card details that you enter as part of the shopping experience is stored by our Payment Gateway provider: EWAY. If you elect to store your credit card for use next time you shop, this is where that information will be stored. We DO NOT have a copy of your Credit Card details; EWAY creates a dummy link number to your card called a “TOKEN” and provides us with that number instead.

If you have a stored credit card for payment our CRM will show EWAY PAYMENT GATEWAY in your payment method field. Not detail is stored.

If you want to update your credit card you can do that via your log in Dashboard on our site. Under Your Profile/Update Payment Details. IMPORTANT:- always ensure there is a LOCK symbol on the url bar meaning the site is secured with an SSL certifitcate. Ours is.

Some customers may also opt to set up a Direct Debit Authority. This will be for us taking payment for your invoice from your nominated bank account. Our Bank is WESTPAC, BSB:- 034-153 Acc Numbers:- XXX314 & XXX322.

What documentation & Advices are sent when purchases are made

Eway send a confirmation of transaction email if paying by credit card. We email a copy of your invoice upon check out completion. We email a copy of your box packing slip and daily spend totals when packing is complete.
We may SMS you with alerts for shopping cart time outs, general stock messages and also any communication by our staff to you.

What information is used in the Packing & dispatch Process

We will use a Courier Run Sheet with your basic contact details on it & also delivery instructions. We will provide this to the couriers where necessary. We sometimes email and/or sms courier companies disclosing your customer name and address and number of boxes/packages to be transported. If you are receiving a delivery to your residence we disclose this to the courier also.

Your shipping label will have your basic contact details, phone number and any delivery instruction that is relevant to your address.

Where are our Staff Located & when can they access the CRM

This outline referes to the A.P.P Principle 8 – cross border disclosure of personal information.

We have staff in teams in 2 locations. 1 Team in Slacks Creek, Qld 4127 and the 2nd team in Philexcel, Clark, Philippines.
Staff can access our CRM when they are working in the office via their workstation.

Certain staff have remote access to the Servers if they need this to complete work from home.

Our Team in Clark is employed by a BPO, Australian owned SHORE360 & we as the client hire the team. Shore provides the HR Logistics in Country for us.

Where are our Servers Located?

We have 3 main locations for our servers:-

Our Building:- 6 Carlyle St., SLACKS CREEK, QLD 4127
Our Owner's Home:- Eight Mile Plains 4113
Our Webmaster's Home:- Mabalacat, Clark, Philippines

Who is the legal representative of FLOWERHUB Pty Ltd

Nicki Christensen is the Sole Director of FLOWERHUB Pty Ltd
A.B.N: 97612380499

Communication methods & when we will contact you

We use SMS / EMAIL / Facebook Messenger Messages / Telephone as our main forms of communication with you.

We email invoices on checkout. Packing advices and shipping advices when your order is packed & dispatched.

We post testimonials on our website & socials.

We also mail out from time to time with promotions, offers & specials.

Facebook Log In

If you opt to use the Facebook Log In tool we will receive your facebook profile email address and your name along with your FB profile photo.

FB Messenger Chat

We utilize FB Messenger chat as our customer support tool.

Contractors & 3rd Parties that may receive your information

In line with the A.P.P we will only disclose information to a contractor that we have engaged to perform a business task for us. Example: A contracted Courier for a Delivery. An ICT person to assist with our Database etc;


a 3rd party hired in to perform a specific business function. Example: A marketing consultant tasked with Lead generation & email list building. A telemarketer tasked with communicating and offer from us.

Information Storage Time Frames

If you have transacted with us, ie made a purchase, we will store your information for a period of 7 years from the date of last purchase. Within the 3 months post this time frame we will anonymize your information so as to protect your privacy indefinitely.

If you have transacted with us, ie made a purchase from us, but a time frame of 12 months has elapsed since your last invoice date. We will make your buyer identification number inactive & archive your registration & ask you to re-register should you choose to do business with us again. We will store your information for a period of 7 years from the date of last purchase. Within the 3 months post this time frame we will Anonymize your information so as to protect your privacy indefinitely.

We choose to reserve the right to de-activate a registration for any reason that we deem fit at any time. If we do this the above time frames will still apply.

Privacy Officer

If you have any concerns please contact our nominated Privacy Officer.

Requests can be made in writing via Post:
Privacy Officer
6 Carlyle St.,

We will action requests made in writing within 14 days of receiving such a request.