Refunds and Returns


There are set guidelines outlined by the Australian Government via the website that relates to Warranties & Refunds.

All purchases via the Flowerhub website are governed by the following:-

Almost all of our products are of a perishable nature. Therefore Consumers have an obligation to perform a minimum duty of care for the products, which we have outlined and called

“3 Steps to enjoying your Flowers for Longer –“

These care steps are outlined not only below but also on the inside top flap of the cardboard carton that the items arrive in.

  • Hydrate them Well – On arrival at your place, know that some flowers can initially take up to 6hours to rehydrate adequately. Cut stems and place in fresh clean water.
  • Hydrate Often – If during their stay with you, your flowers start to drop their heads, just recut them approx 5cm from the bottom and put them in Fresh Water again. They normally pick right up again.
  • Treat them like a friend – Flowers are like humans in many ways. They wilt if left in direct sunlight or couped up in a stuffy warm house all day. They will sweat if left in their protective sleeves or wrapping. If you treat your flowers, like you would a friend, they too will stay around for you to enjoy longer. They like to be unwrapped & enjoy good air to breathe.

24hours – if something is going to go wrong with your flowers, it will happen in the first day they are with you. You have 24 hours from arrival to request a refund or replacement. Sometimes they can arrive in a slightly unhappy state. Simply follow the Hydrate & Friend steps above for the first 24 hours.

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** All steps above must be followed.

Under the Competition & Consumer act of 2010 (CCA) we must provide you with goods that:-

“Are of merchantable quality – goods need to reach a basic level of quality given the price of the goods and any description that is provided with the goods.”

By purchasing from us, You expressly agree that we are considered the experts with relation to flower & Plant quality, care and production and as such you will refer to us to be the sole judge of fact with relation to the commercial performance of any flowers & plants unless you can establish as a matter of undeniable fact that you have superior skill & expertise which would render our knowledge the lesser of the two parties.

Please note:-

Instances of where plants or flowers have perished due to Lack of:-

Care – evidenced by lack of hydration, lack of shaded accommodation or adequate ambient temperature even if caused by the consumers lack of knowledge or skill will not be an acceptable basis for a refund request.

Failure by the consumer to provide basic care to the items will immediately render the claim declined.